Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks
Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks
Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks
Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks
Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks

Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks

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first walker baby shoes
Baby Shoe Socks...

By combining the best features of a sock with the best features of a shoe, you get the Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks. 

first walking shoes

With a crew height sock and a soft flexible and non-slip rubber sole, these first walker shoe socks are made for little feet that want to explore. It also features the Podiatrist recommended "box-shape" front that allows ample space for developing feet.

first walker shoe socks

Comfort of a Sock + Protection of a Shoe

The Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks have an easy slip-on design and is just like a sock. It combines the familiarity and comfort of sock with the protection of a shoe.

The super flexible rubber sole allows little feet to easily bend and supports early walkers without interfering in the walking motion.

toddler first walking shoes

The Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks will offer your baby the protection needed to build confidence when walking.  The non-slip soles are padded in just the right places to protect those little toes.

The Arden™ Baby Shoe Socks come in 5 great colours inspired by autumn. It features an extended back lip to make it easy to pull up.

Each colour has a super cute embroidered fruit feature that gives it that extra little touch of cuteness.

They are hard-wearing, easy to wash and as comfortable as a sock.  Suitable for boys and girls ages 1 to 4. They can be worn year round.